Reiner Erlings, Film/TV Composer

"After getting a business degree and starting a corporate career in my early 20s, I suddenly had an un-ignorable urge to pursue what brought me most joy growing up and become a songwriter full-time. I obviously had no clue how to make this happen, but so convinced I was that I decided to move countries, purely on the confidence that I'll  figure it out once I get there. Through partnering up with songwriters who graciously fed my hungry heart, I learned everything I needed to about music production and started to produce a few albums. In retrospect, although risky, this decision evolved and led me to composing for Film & TV - a decision I'm grateful for everyday." 

Reiner is an award-winning composer, scoring music for the likes of Audi, Nike & the History Channel. He scored his first intl. fictional TV show in 2016 - to be released soon.

Namrata Kamath - Student Services Manager/Food Blogger

"Dating is an awkward phenomenon. Something about sitting across from a practical stranger, after spending substantial amount of time primping, makes me painfully aware that I'm essentially interviewing for a second coffee/meal in the near future. Don't get me wrong, I'm one for great conversation, spirited banter, but in the context of a date, I'm a world-class overthinker/mute participant.

Although I'm still a work in progress in the dating department, the idea of discovering cafes and restaurants really sweetened the deal for me. So much so in fact that I started to think about how cool that process would be, if I were doing it with someone I was, dare I say it, comfortable with? So one fine evening, over another plate of something delish, my best friend and I put this idea to the test. It took the form of our food/lifestyle blog - She Said, She Said. From great awkwardness, come great ideas!" 

Besides being one half of highly popular blog She Said, She Said, Namrata works with future business tycoons as a Student Services Manager by day!    

Reshel Shah -  Filmmaker

"Growing up, I always felt a little like a misfit, viewing the world through my own strangely delightful lens. Although I discovered filmmaking at a young age and worked my way up over eight years, from runner to a senior producer, it wasn't until a trip to my home-country during my wedding, that I really had a personal calling as a filmmaker. I always knew "Hijras" (the term for the transgender community in India) were people who others were scared of, and looked down upon in general. But I found it rather odd that their blessings during a wedding were considered close to that of Gods' but in everyday life, they were shunned. This awakened something in me as a human being, and I guess, as the misfit I've always felt like. So I decided to get to know these women and this tumultuous and transformative journey became my first documentary feature - 'Black Sheep'. 

'Black Sheep' showed at 6 international festivals in 2016, and won 'Human Rights Film of the Year' at the World Documentary Film Festival held in Indonesia.


Ekta Saran - Filmmaker/Photographer

"As a kid, books were my savior, my escape. The world of the written word was always so tantalizing that the idea of a career as a wordsmith of sorts was really a dream come true. Or so I thought. In the first few years I spent as a copywriter, I managed to stay spirited, somedays, excited even, about my work. For anyone who has seen Mad Men, you know that the world is one that consumes you. Over time, I grew restless and tired of writing the same trite words over and over again, craving to tell a bigger story. It was during this time that my camera, once just a trusty travel companion, suddenly started to act as my mouthpiece. 

I spent all my free time creating stories through photos and little films and eventually took a leap of faith and decided to make a life of it."

Ekta has created films for global brands like Harvey Nichols, Lexus, Bloomingdales, GAP, Parmigiani to name a few and her personal project 'Chasing Bur Dubai' has been featured in national press.

Vincent De Vries - Digital Marketeer & Sales

"I am often amazed at how easy it is to make an excuse to not do something some part of you really wants to. This is often the case when plans are being made with friends. I've become somewhat of an expert in recognizing an excuse from the truth. So in situations where excuses run high, I step in! 

I have found that telling every person that others in the group are making it despite work, a minor cold, netflix binges, traffic, really seems to work. Even though it's a trick, I know that once we're all together, the good times are inevitable. I think it's really easy to convince yourself that you can miss this one gathering, dinner, or party but life's too unpredictable to always take those chances. 

So sometimes a lil' faking gets the job done!" 

Vincent is (obviously) a successful Sales & Digital Marketeer by day, and by night, he continues to be the glue that holds his friend circle together. 

Jemma Craig - Digital Content/Marketing Specialist

"Living in this day and age, inspiration is everywhere. Being a serial-pinner and follower of countless blogs, the constant bombardment of imagery can leave you exhilarated and exhausted all at once.

But, seeing others achieving goals, creating their own aesthetic has kept me going on my own path. At first a borrowed confidence from these kindred spirits, eventually has led to a real confidence in myself. I moved countries to work in the Art world, educating myself on the industry, constantly sharpening my skill set as a digital content creator, aspiring to create my own brand someday soon. 

Millennials might have earned a bad rep for their attention deficiencies, but keeping your eyes on many things, the idea of always reaching for more, this aspirational attitude, really keeps the fire burning, within."

Jemma is the Assistant Creative Director at renowned food company INDPT, inventor of the popular hashtag #pursuepretty and is a bona fide social media darling with over 100k followers on instagram. @jemmacraig



Kim Van Uden, Kindergarten Teacher

"Sometimes you just have to take a chance. I met my partner in Holland over one summer and although we took things slow at first, it soon became evident that this was something real. I knew that to keep things going, we needed to take some serious decisions, aka - move to Dubai, become fluent in English, and start my career as a teacher in a new country. 

"Nervous" doesn't even begin to express what I was feeling. But something in me told me I could do it. As challenging as it was, it's now been 2 years since the decision, I get to work with beautiful toddlers everyday and every now and then find myself thinking in English, besides speaking it without hesitation."

Kim continues to shape the young minds of tomorrow, frequently running marathons, proving that badassery needs no translation.  

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